Saturday, December 31, 2011

31/12/2011 - Totally Understood

2011 has nevertheless comes to the end. And so does the best things in my life.

I'm such an emo girl right now. I didn't expect this would ever happen to me. You were someone who's the closest and dearest to me in my life right now. And you just left me sobbing without a note.

I such a dream breaker. We have so much dreams.

We plan to get married in a couple of years.
We plan to buy a house together. A home to be exact.
We wanted to travel around the world together.
We wanted to have babies together.
We wanna stick and grow old together.

We always wanting to have a future together. And all these beautiful little things had crashed by me pieces by pieces without mercy.

I don't deserve to have such a perfect boyfriend like you, Gim Hong.

You treated me like a princess.
You showed me love and care with your own unique way.
You called me whenever you're free.
You brings me laughter all the time.
You drive all the way from Klang just to see me.
You bought me lots expensive stuffs just to see me smile despite your financial difficulties.
You tried to change your temper for me.
You always stuff me with delicious food.
You baked & cooked for me.
and list goes on.

and most importantly you do it all without expecting any returns.

It melts my heart, totally.

I'm a lousy girlfriend. For god sake, I've made the same mistakes twice. I've never been matured and confident enough as i thought I am. I find faults all the time. But you will come back to me every single time, but this time, you've confused and started to back off.

However, the truth always lie flat. I knew this day would come that you finally wanna give me up.
I swear I never ever want to leave you, but i know you wouldn't happy to be with me. I chose to let go even though that would be my last ever option if i need to choose.

You're so dearly to me that I wanna see you smile sincerely deep from your heart and not pleasing me.

Forgive me for being so lousy, immature, jealousy, sensitive and stubborn. I know it's all over and done.



Love and cherish you always.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

ICE Mobile

Okay, since someone is dying to read my blog till the extend that stalking her everyday reading back her old posts again and again, and AGAIN.. =.=

you're cute, my dear.

There are two reasons of me blogging :-
1) I'm lifeless, and I don't wanna let others know about it so I blog whenever I have something interesting. :/
2) I need someone's attention badly. *double :/*

but now, that 2 reasons for me to blog is gone. All because of you. *wink*
So, now you know why I seldom blog after I met you?

okay, if there's still readers who still once a while dropped by, Thank you guys.. :D
I'm still the old me, loves eating and sleeping as always, still a cry baby, gaining weight like no body business, and most importantly, I'm now an working adult and I'm loving my job, my workplace and my colleagues. :D

Just so you know, I'm working in ICE Mobile Sdn Bhd located in Plaza Sentral as Account Executive. Basically dealing with sms business. Anyone who wanna blast SMS can always find me, we provides quality services and reasonable price. :D

Till then. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Happy Birthday to my Bui Kia~~

Whee~ 生日快乐,建葑!

"May you be well & happy always,
May you have a healthy body all the time, *sho sho~ away all the virus n bacteria*
May you excel in your career, *earn more more money and let me spend yea! haha*
May you grow fatter and fatter! *pls no sumo!!!*
May you have more time to spend with me~
Hope you will sayang me more&more~
Hope you will fierce to me lesser&lesser~ :p
Lists goes on.. "
See how good am I, so many wishes for you on ur birthday.. XD

Btw, So sorry that I couldn't be with you on this meaningful day of yours (though you keep emphasizing it's nothing special) ish..
muacks... I can't stop~ I can't stop~ this Love~~ No matter what they say~ I Love You~~~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy 58th Dad!

This picture was taken in one of the restaurant in Jalan Imbi before I leaving to UK last year.
I'm not sure whether my dad read my blog or not. Anyway, as you know, we Asian is kinda conserve in expressing our Love to our loved ones. So.... ahem..

"Pa, wishing you a Happy Birthday again. Thank you for bringing me into this beautiful world and raising me up for the past 22 years. I know i just couldn't Thank you and mom enough. You guys have been working so hard for the sake of this family. >.<*aiks.. it's actually a very long paragraph but don't know why it disappear* Anyhow, the last word i wanna say is I LOVE YOU DAD~!"

Till then.